At Open, we offer an extensive provision of extra curricular activities, clubs and revision sessions, which we encourage our students to attend to enrich their experience and to complement their learning.

The PE department runs sports clubs during lunchtime and after school. These include basketball, football, netball, rounder’s, cricket and rugby. Students can also be selected to represent the academy at fixtures with other schools.

Students are also able to attend instrumental lessons and singing lessons delivered by specialist peripatetic music teachers (fees are applicable).



Duke of

The Academy runs the Duke of Edinburgh Award at Bronze and Silver level, with all students encouraged to participate in the Award.  The Award is the most prominent youth award in the country, with the students taking part in physical activities, learning a skill, volunteering, as well as completing two expeditions to achieve the award.

The award is aimed at providing for young people an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding program of personal development.   The completion of all four sections of the award is also looked on very favourably by colleges, universities and employers as evidence of a well-rounded and committed individual.

To assist all students in participating in the award, the Academy will be able to provide tents, rucksacks, rolls mats and cooking stoves for all students.  Students will need to bring their own clothing, however, we do have some boots and waterproofs that students can borrow.  Trainers are not acceptable.

There are three levels, which when completed, lead to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.  We currently run the Bronze Award.

•Bronze – 6 Months

Bronze Award:

The Bronze Award is offered to students at the end of Year 9, to complete from the end of Year 9 and throughout Year 10.

Due to financial support the school has been able to obtain, the overall cost of completing the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award is £72, but we can apply for funding for the enrollment fee and no student would be excluded on the basis of not being able to afford the expenses.  This covers all costs including campsite, assessors and registration.  If you are unable to pay for the costs in one payment please discuss this with me, please do not let the cost be the reason your child is unable to participate.

The physical, skills and volunteering sections are to be completed by the students over a 3-6 month period and can be completed during the schools extra-curricular program or outside the school in sports clubs etc.  The expedition section will be led by the school and delivered during the school term.  Students will be to complete this in friendship groups from their form.

The Practice Expedition will take place over three days, with one day based in school and a two day expedition in the local area to follow.  The two day Assessment Expedition will take place when the students are in Year 10.

For more information see Mrs Pearsall

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