Exam Results

Congratulations to our GCSE and A Level Students

Open Academy would like to congratulate our GCSE and A Level students for a fantastic set of results. Every student who applied for a university place was successful. The GCSE results were the best that the Academy has ever achieved.

We are so proud of you all! 

To access School and College Performance Tables from the Department for Education click HERE

Progress and Achievement End of Key Stage 4:




Progress 8

 -0.35 -0.01

Attainment 8

 40.59 45.98

% achieving Grades 4-9  in both English and Maths

 61% 62%

% achieving Grades 5-9 in both English and Maths

38% 21%

% entered for EBacc

% achieving EBacc





% student staying in education or employment after KS4



KS3 Assessment
In 2015 the government removed National Curriculum assessment ‘levels’ from primary and secondary schools. As there is no longer a national system of levels, this gives the Open Academy freedom to introduce its own assessment system. In Key Stage Three we use a flight path to indicate whether a student is Emerging (E), Developing (D) or Secure(S), in the skills required to be successful in each subject at the end of KS4.

KS4 Assessment
In 2017, the government introduced new, tougher GCSEs. The new GCSEs are graded on a scale from 9-1: Grade 9 being the highest, Grade 1 being the lowest. This is the same for all schools in the country and will be the same for all GCSE qualification from 2019. The government judge a ‘standard pass’ at grade 4 and a ‘strong pass’ at grade

Key Stage 5 2019 headline measures

Progress students have made in English and maths




Average progress in English

Average Progress in Maths




Progress Score



Average point score for A levels

Average point score for Applied general entry 





Average Grade



The A level average grade is a

The Applied average grade is a




Student retention figure




 90.0% of our students are retained to the end of their programme


Student destination data




As far as we are aware 100% of students went on to education/training or employment.





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