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Open Academy – Our Purpose

The purpose of Open Academy is to provide a transformative education for the students of our community.
Inspired by our Christian ethos, we exist to develop every child, regardless of their beliefs and background, as the unique blessing that they are.
Acting with the example of Jesus, we provide an inspiring education which allows our students to reach their full potential morally, academically and personally.

Open Academy – Our Vision

Open Academy is a beacon of hope for success in inclusive education inspired by our Christian ethos. As an institution always exemplifying learning excellence, we are our core values:

HARD WORK and PERSEVERANCE evidenced by our continually improving outcomes show our commitment to educating for wisdom.

The celebration of our students’ successes provides the narrative of how we educate for hope showing our values of ASPIRATION, THANKFULNESS and COURAGE.

The positive impact we have across our wider community is a testament to how we value SERVICE, HUMILITY and LEADERSHIP.

And the RESPECTFUL relationships evident across the Academy show how we educate for dignity by valuing INTEGRITY, FORGIVENESS and TEAM WORK.


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news bulletin
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