Extreme Weather Protocol

Emergency Academy Closure

Open Academy will do its utmost to try to remain open wherever possible and a decision to close the Academy will only be made if we cannot keep the site safe, if the travel routes to and from the Academy are a cause for concern, or if the student: teacher ratio is deemed to be unsafe.

However, in the event of extreme weather which threatens the safety of students and staff, a decision to close the Academy will be made and the following protocols will apply.

1.  A message will appear on the Academy website by 7.15am each day (although we will aim to be sooner) and we will update the website with information, as far as possible, during the day.

2.  We will also notify Norfolk County Council and BBC Radio Norfolk

3.  A text will be sent home

Please note the following places where information can be obtained if you are uncertain as to whether the Academy is open or closed due to bad weather.

open academy logo The Open Academy website will have the most up to date information and is updated daily.


norfolk county council

Norfolk County Council website


bbc radio norfolk BBC Radio Norfolk

95.1, 95.6 and 104.4 FM

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