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This protocol will give clear guidance to a parent/carer on how they should make contact with the Academy.
Open Academy aims to work closely with families to ensure that communication is clear and frequent.
Facilitate communication with parents/carers through the use of:
  • Academy website
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Text messaging service
  • Email
  • PS Connect
  • Sims Parent App
  • Student App
  • Parent Information Evenings
  • Telephone calls

A parent / carer should:

  • Be aware of the different ways in which they can contact the academy ie. in person, telephone, letter or email
  • Ensure that their contact details are kept updated (including changes to mobile phone numbers and home email addresses)
  • Regularly check the website for term dates and general information
  • Be clear about which member of staff they need to contact regarding their concern
  • Let staff know in advance if they cannot attend a pre-arranged meeting
  • Be aware that Open Academy adheres closely to the Safeguarding Policy so a parent / carer must report to the reception on arrival as a matter of Health and Safety
  • Be contacted by the relevant member of staff within a reasonable length of (within three working days) depending on the nature of the concern

Who do I contact?

Reporting an absence:
e-mail: student.absence@open-academy.org.uk Attendance of new intake, please contact Mrs Ganson Attendance Officer Tel: 01603 481640

A student's general wellbeing and/or general progress:

1st Contact - The Tutor

2nd Contact - Assistant Head of Year:

AHoY Year 7
Michelle Middleton
Tel: 01603 481663
email: michelle.middleton@open-academy.org.uk

AHoY Year 8
Debbie Lamb
Tel: 01603 481662
email: debbie.lamb@open-academy.org.uk

AHoY Year 9
Tracey Smith
Tel: 01603 461681
email: tracey.smith@open-academy.org.uk

AHoY Year 10
Rachel Roe
Tel: 01603 481688
email: rachel.roe@open-academy.org.uk

AHoY Year 11
Debbie Roberts
Tel: 01603 481647
email: Debbie.roberts@open-academy.org.uk

Sixth Form - AHoY

Caroline Davies

Tel: 01603 481672
email: Caroline.Davies@open-academy.org.uk

Head of Faculty
English and Communication - Ms Roberts
Maths - Mr Fisher
Science - Mr Murray
Academic Learning – Ms Stickland
Applied Learning - Mr Richardson
SENCO - Ms Hewitt-Coleman

3rd Contact - Member of the Senior Leadership Team

Mr Kevin Ward - Vice Principal

Ms Kate Wenlock - Assistant Principal

Contacting the Principal

Contact can be made through the Principal's Personal Assistant - 01603 481640

Contacting the Governors

All correspondence should be sent to the school office addressed to the Chair of Governors - Mr Nick Plater

By phone:

Contact the main office directly 01603 481640 and ask to be put through to the relevant member of staff. If they are unavailable a message will be taken and passed to the member of staff.

Teachers will be unable to receive or make calls during registration periods or when teaching.

Depending on the nature of the concern, a reply should be made by the member of staff concerned within three working days.

By e-mail:

Contact office@open-academy.org.uk This is the general Academy e-mail address. It is important that in the email you include both your child's name and tutor group.

In person:

Appointments should be made by agreeing a time with the relevant member of
staff. Teaching staff are unlikely to be available to meet with a parent/carer who has not made an appointment.


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