Safeguarding and Safety for Visitors

Safeguarding principles

To promote a safe environment for students, our selection and recruitment procedure includes all checks on staff and regular volunteers’ suitability, including Disclosure and Barring Service checks, as recommended by Norfolk County Council as governed by current legislation.

In accordance with our responsibilities under the “Keeping Children Safe in Education “ 2023, we have a Designated Safeguarding Lead, Jon Ford, who has received appropriate training for this role. It is his responsibility to ensure that all staff in contact with children receives child protection training on a regular basis.

Occasions do arise when our concern about a student requires us to consult other agencies.  Whilst we would always aim to work in partnership with parents there may be exceptions to this when concerns are raised for the protection of a child.

On very rare occasions Social Care, whilst undertaking an investigation under s47 of the Children Act 1989, may want to speak to a child without a parents’ knowledge.   This would be a decision made in collaboration with partner agencies and would only be done in situations where a child might be at immediate risk.  To gain consent at this point may increase the level of risk to the child or cause evidence of a crime to be lost.

The procedures, which we follow, have been laid down by the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board and the Academy has adopted a Safeguarding Policy in line with this for the safety of all.   If you want to know more about our procedures, please speak to the Principal, Jon Ford.

We hope that your visit will be enjoyable, informative and safe.

If you need to visit the Academy during the day please use the car park.

Please help us by reading and complying with the guidance on this page which is intended to ensure your health and safety whilst at the Open Academy.

If you have any questions after reading this, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff to help you. Staff can be identified easily as they all wear badges. Please wear your visitor’s badge at all times when on site. Please return the badge and sign out when leaving.


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All visitors, supply staff, student teachers and contractors coming into the Academy must report to Reception.

As a visitor you will be asked to sign in and be issued with a badge which must be worn prominently so that staff and students can see you are a visitor. Depending on the circumstances you may also be asked to show any identification and your DBS certificate.

If you are a regular visitor to the Academy you will need to sign in on each occasion. When you leave the site please ensure that you sign out and return your badge. 

Fire and Evacuation

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If you have a host they will explain and guide you through any emergency procedures. If you are in the Academy for the day please ensure you read the evacuation notice in the room you are in. If the alarm sounds for any reason follow the instructions. If you evacuate, the assembly point is clearly marked. If you have students with you please ensure they leave quickly and calmly with you.

First Aid

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We have several first aid staff, please alert a member of staff if you feel unwell and they will call for assistance for you.

Health and Safety

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Contractors must ensure that they are fully conversant with the safety rules and regulations to be observed by contractors working on site.

As a visitor to our Academy it is essential that you follow the health and safety guidelines that may apply.


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Open Academy is a non- smoking site – this includes e-cigarettes.

Please do not smoke anywhere on the school grounds

Parking at the Academy

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Walking to school will be the normal expectation and positively promoted from the outset for the whole school community. This approach also promotes healthy lifestyles and physical fitness for children and their families. Encouraging walking also increases awareness of the local environment, independence and social opportunities.

The Academy will be actively promoting car free travel.

In some cases, there may be a legitimate reason why a family has to drive to school however, parking on the school site is limited and parents must use the one-way system. If you need to visit the Academy during the day please use the car park and not drive up to the main office. Please adhere to all the traffic signs on site.


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Before taking any photographs on site permission must be sought from either the Principal or Business Manager.

Safeguarding on site

Adults visiting or working at the Academy, play an important part in school life. You can play a part in keeping students safe whilst working at or visiting the Academy by observing the following guidelines –

  • If you have any concerns that a student may be at risk of harm report it immediately to the Designated Safeguarding Lead for child protection who can be contacted via the main office. Do not discuss your concerns with the student and do not carry out an investigation
  • The DSL, Jon Ford Principal. The Alternate DSL’s are Luke Davis, Kate Wenlock, Kevin Ward, Sally-Ann Hewitt-Coleman, Leila Molloy, Scott Richardson, Ian Fisher and Jo Clayton.
  • Do not initiate verbal or physical contact with students unless it is appropriate and part of the agreed reason for your visit
  • Do not give any personal information to students such as your mobile number, personal email or address
  • Do not engage in any communication with students using social networking sites

Thank you for helping to keep Open Academy safe

Open Academy is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of students and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. We are also committed to the equality of opportunity for all.

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