History A Level

History is a highly respected academic subject and provides an invaluable insight into the way our world functions today. At Open Academy, History is a popular and successful subject, with students achieving excellent results and going onto study History at degree level and beyond. Previous students have also gone on to use the knowledge and skills learned in History across a range of careers in Law, Teaching and Business, to name a few.

What will you study?
At Open, we deliver the OCR A Level History A course.
This includes a British period study between 1906 and 1951 (examination unit worth 25%). This provides students with a great understanding of the political, social and economic factors affecting life in Britain before, between and shortly after the two World Wars. Students will learn and judge how well governments responded to the needs of the people and how decisions made laid the foundations for life in Britain today.
Students also study a non-British period study looking at Democracy and Dictatorships in Germany 1919–1963 (examination unit worth 15%). For many students, this is a familiar topic, learning about the change from the Weimar Republic to the Nazi regime. This gives students confidence in making the challenging step up to A Level studies. This unit also goes beyond the collapse of the Nazi dictatorship, with students learning about how life for German civilians changed in a divided country.
In studying Germany 1919-1963, students are prepared with background information and skills to complete a piece of coursework on the origins of the Holocaust (worth 20%). Students enjoy the opportunity to research and present their own views on the debate, using the analytical skills they have developed across the A Level specification.

Students also study a fourth unit; Rebellion and Disorder under the Tudors 1484-1603 (examination unit worth 40%). This is the ‘Thematic study and Historical interpretations’ paper and looks at the causes of disorder and unrest in Tudor society, the nature of the rebellions and their impact on Government and society. This course allows students to take a wider outlook on the topics studied by considering the different issues, debates and approaches. It looks at the other side to Tudor history; it is less about the ‘top-down’ approach of Kings and Queens, and focuses more on the acts of ordinary people standing up for their own rights and beliefs.

All students will be studying the full A level course. All exams are at the end of Year 13. To be successful on the A level course, students must be able to write at length, work independently and be prepared to carry out wider research.

Entry requirements: Five 4-9 grades at GCSE, including English Language and English Literature.

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