English and Communication

English Language and English Literature specification:

English Language
Government changes this year to the curriculum means that there will be no requirement for us to administer our normal Speaking and Listening Day. This assessment will be done by teachers in class to minimise any disruption to learning. These grades will then be forwarded to the exam board in line with current regulations and students will receive an endorsement for their speaking and listening as normal.

Subject: English Language

Qualification Type: GCSE

Exam Board AQA

Description of the course:

Studying English Language will help you to develop your analytical and reasoning skills, as well as speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. These are life skills and are essential for every career. They are also skills that are key to maintaining successful personal and professional relationships.

The course comprise sessions based on reading skills such as the identification of actual and inferred meaning of a text, how language has been used for effect and the comparison of texts. The reading material includes both fiction and non-fiction texts. In addition you will learn how to create a narrative with believable characters and how to write using language effectively to persuade.

Assessment Structure:
Two examinations at the end of the course
One teacher assessment of speaking and listening that provides an endorsement to the qualification

English Literature
In accordance with the new government regulations Year 11 will not be studying Blood Brothers this year and, instead, students will be revising Romeo and Juliet, A Christmas Carol and the poetry anthology. This will provide us with an extra opportunity to recognise any gaps in the students’ learning due to the lengthy period we were in isolation. Alongside this we will be teaching students how to approach the unseen poetry question.

Changes to the Literature Exam:

Students will sit three exams in GCSE English Literature (this is an adaptation for this year only)
Paper 1A: Anthology Poetry
(50 Minutes)
Students will answer one question on section B of the anthology Power and Conflict

There will then be a short, supervised break followed by the following paper:

Paper 1B: A Christmas Carol
(50 Minutes)
Students will answer one question based on A Christmas Carol

Paper 2 (compulsory) – Romeo and Juliet and the unseen poetry
(1 hour 45 minutes)

Section A
Students answer one question on Romeo and Juliet

Section B
Part 1
Students answer one question on one unseen poem
Part 2
Students answer one question comparing the first unseen poem with a second unseen poem.

Subject: English Literature
Qualification Type: GCSE
Exam Board AQA

Description of the course:
The study of this course will provide you with the basis for life in understanding how people and society work and their motivations. During the course you will study a Shakespeare play, a pre- 1900 prose text, a more modern play and poetry from a range of eras. You will be expected to be able to quote from these texts and analyse how the author has used language, structure and form to impact the reader and how the context is demonstrated and influences the text.

The study of Literature will help you to develop analytical skills, write concisely to inform and also develop the skills needed to pass the English Language exam.

Assessment Structure:
Two external exams at the end of the course

For more information, please contact: Mrs Taylor and the English Department


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