Ms Stickland and Mrs McEvoy both teach both French, Spanish and German. In addition, Ms Stickland is Head of the Academic Learning Faculty, and Mrs McEvoy is in charge of students for whom English is an additional language (EAL).

Key Stage 3
All KS3 students learn a Modern Foreign Language (MFL); in September 2019, this will be German in Year 7, and Spanish in Years 8 and 9: each student studies the same language for three years. We aim to build on language skills acquired in junior school or at home, accepting that for many, these may be based on languages other than French. We focus on communication, enabling learners to use the language themselves from their earliest lessons.

Year 7 (German)
Students focus on the present tense, high frequency verbs, connectives, expressing likes and dislikes, and simple opinions. Numbers and the alphabet are also learnt.
The structures will be covered in the contexts of: Myself, My School; Family & Friends; Free time.
Year 8 and 9 (Spanish)
The future and past tenses are added to the structures studied in Year 7.
In Year 8, the structures will be covered in the context of: Home; Free time; My City; Other People; Going out; and Holidays.
And in Year 9: Food & Drink; Fashion; A visit to Barcelona; Modern Communication; Keeping Healthy; The world of Work; and South America.
‘Re-visiting’ topic areas enables students to revise and build on their knowledge regularly.

Key Stage 4
In KS4 students have five lessons per fortnight and in year 11, after their two-year course, they sit a GCSE examination. We currently use the AQA examination board. Like AQA, our objective is to enable students of all abilities to develop their modern foreign language skills to their full potential, equipping them with the knowledge to communicate confidently in a variety of contexts.
Three distinct themes are covered in each language, and these are each made up of four topic areas: Identity and culture (Me, my family and friends; Technology in everyday life; Free-time activities; Customs and festivals in Spanish- or French- speaking countries/communities); Local, national, international and global areas of interest (Home, town, neighbourhood and region; Social issues; Global issues; Travel and tourism); Current and future study and employment (My studies; Life at school/college; Education post-16; Jobs, career choices and ambitions)
Opportunities naturally arise to explore the spiritual, moral, ethical and cultural dimensions of topics studied. The four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing are tested by final examination in May of year 11. Regular revision sessions are run for Year 11. 

Exam board 

GCSE French (AQA)

Recommended websites (Students are given usernames and passwords in class) (GCSE French) (KS3 Spanish) (KS3 German)

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